Professional Carpet Dyeing & Bleach Spot Repair Services for Offices in Alexandria, VA

Commercial settings such as offices, are expected to be cleaned and well maintained to retain a professional atmosphere. Reception areas, break rooms, restrooms, conference rooms and offices in office complexes are often well cleaned. However, certain features such as carpets often need additional aid. Carpet often becomes stained, develops soiling, and becomes discolored even though the carpet is still in good, serviceable condition. When an office’s carpets look stained or faded, it can cause a negative projection on the entire office for all those who enter. Many clients may question the company’s capacity to operate successfully and excel in the services they offer. When an office needs additional help recovering their carpet, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet dyeing services can help maintain vibrant, new looking carpets.

Carpet Fading & Discoloration Problems

The carpets inside offices are most often prone to fading or discoloration from soiling due to high foot traffic, or UV damage that can cause the color to fade. Fading can also be caused by improper cleaning. If certain carpets are cleaned with too much heat or the wrong solution, it can cause the dye to bleed out of the carpet. The carpet cleaning machine can then suck out the dye which results in faded carpet. In offices, stains are common, especially stains from ink or spots from bleach that can alter or lighten the color of the carpet. Faded and stained carpet looks terrible and gives the office a negative impression. Carpet in commercial offices can be restored with carpet dyeing services.

Carpet Dyeing Services

Carpet dyeing services vary. Some of the common services are Whole Room Carpet Dyeing, Color Revival Carpet Cleaning, and Carpet Dyeing Color Change. Even though services vary, the carpet color will ultimately be renewed. When the carpet is dyed it is always first deep cleaned to ensure the carpet is properly ready for dyeing. Some methods, such as Color Revival Carpet Cleaning, cleans and colors the carpet at the same time. Carpet color can either be restored or changed. Carpet can be dyed a new color with a few restrictions as well. In most cases, carpet can only be dyed a darker color. Since dye is being added to the current color of the carpet, it creates a darker color. The lighter the current color of the carpet, the more color options are available. Management will decide which method and process is desired. However, the methods may vary depending on the condition and type of carpet that needs to be restored.

Stain & Bleach Spot Repair

Stains are a nuisance and eventually plagues all carpets. In offices, bleach spots are not uncommon as well as ink stains. When the rest of the carpet has been properly cared for and looks clean and is still bright in color, stains can be distracting. Restoring stains or bleach spots are simple. In most cases dyes are used to remove the appearance of the stain and removes those distracting blemishes.

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Having the carpets restored with a carpet dyeing service has many benefits. Carpet can be restored for far less of the cost of carpet replacement. Additionally, carpet can be dyed quickly and can be done during off hours to ensure the process doesn’t interfere will the office’s business. For those who own or manage an office, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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