How to Get Old Bleach Spots Out of Cruise Ship Carpets in Bayonne, NJ; Carpet Dyeing Bleach Spot Repair!

All along Northeast coast, the docks are full of cruise ships. Due to the current coronavirus pandemic, all cruises have been temporarily canceled. To prevent further contamination, cruise companies have stopped their services. During this time of temporary closure, cruise ship owners are taking this opportunity to clean their ships and undergo a lot of maintenance. Many cruise ships are placing their focus on their carpets. In a cruise ship there are a number of needed carpet repairs, including bleach spots. Bleach spots can be found all throughout the cruise ship and mar the entire ship’s aesthetics. However, through carpet dyeing services, bleach spots can be effectively repaired. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share some of the common causes of bleach spots and how they are repaired.

How Do Bleach Spills Get on Carpet?

In a cruise ship carpet is found in the halls, rooms, activity centers and more. Carpets are widely used to accent the grandeur of the cruise ship as well as dampen noise to reduce disturbances. However, carpets in cruise ships are prone to a number of carpet disasters such as bleach spots. Bleach spots are the worst. They are not like stains that can be cleaned with professional assistance. Bleach spots are the absence of color in the carpet. Certain chemicals such as bleach and chlorine are well known to cause bleach spots. Bleach and chlorine is heavily found in cleaning agents. However, they are also found in a number of hygiene products. Both cleaning and hygiene products are responsible for causing bleach spots on carpets. Spills and other accident will always occur, and bleach spots will happen. This is where a carpet dyeing service can help.

Can Carpet Dyeing Remove Bleach Spots?

Bleach spots can be repaired. Repairing bleach spots on cruise ships helps to restore the ship’s beauty as well as prevent the need for carpet replacements. Bleach repair may vary depending on the bleach spot. Bleach spots, depending on its concentration, can cause varying levels of distortion. In heavy concentration of the bleaching chemical, bleach spots will be pale or white with no pigment in the carpet at all. In smaller concentrations, the bleach spot will appear as a different color or lighter than its original color. In cases of lighter concentration of the bleaching agent, the bleach spot in order to be repaired will need to be completely bleached out. The carpet dye technician will bleach out the remaining pigment to provide a fresh start. The carpet dye technician will then clean the site to ensure the dyeing process isn’t impeded. The carpet dye technician will then develop a dye formula to match the rest of the carpet’s color. For situations where the bleach spot was of a higher concentration and there was no pigment remaining in the carpet, the carpet dye technician will clean and dye the site. Dyeing the carpet is complex as the dye technician must apply the right amount of dye to match the rest of the carpet. The carpet mustn’t get over dyed either, which can result in a dark spot on the carpet. The carpet dye technician will apply small layers of dye at a time. They will slowly blend and add more dye until the color matches perfectly.

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