Color Revival Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Dyeing to Restore Carpets in Winchester, VA Schools

Carpet is still considered one of the best types of flooring for schools for many reasons. Not only does carpet limit the amount of echoing and noise that comes with a school, it is also a good insulator and can keep the school’s climate more controlled. More benefits when choosing company include better safety and being more economical as well. When there are this many benefits to having carpet in schools, it is a clear choice for many. Even though carpet is an affordable option for schools, the cost to replace the carpeting is still high and school districts want to take every measure available to preserve and extend the life of the carpets found in schools. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration is here to talk about ways that you can extend the life of the carpet in a school setting.

Choosing the Best Carpet for Schools; Nylon that Can Be Dyed

When choosing the right carpet for schools, it is a different process than choosing carpet for your home. With the densely populated hallways found in schools and the high amount of traffic the carpet will have to withstand, it is of utmost importance you have the right carpet installed. Through years of experience, densely tufted, tight loop and low profile has been found to be your best choice for schools. Nylon is resilient and can hold up in even the toughest settings and is an excellent fiber choice.

Proper Size Front Door Mats for Double Doors in Schools

Many people don’t realize how important the right entrance mats are in schools. When you have an entrance mat that is between 6-15 feet wide, you can count on 80 percent of the dirt and debris found on the bottom of shoes to be removed before students set foot on the carpet. Many schools find that it is easier to simply replace mats rather than try cleaning them, and this should be done every week to two weeks in areas that experience a high amount of moisture.

Importance of Vacuuming Carpet

This is the single most effective way to keep the fine dirt and grit out of your carpet fibers. In a school setting, this needs to be done daily to extend the life of the carpet. Studies have shown that when commercial carpets are vacuumed every day, 90-95 percent of the dry dirt and dust are removed from the fibers.

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The carpet in schools should be cleaned at least twice a year. This should be done just before school starts and during the holiday break when students and faculty will be out of the building. At Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration, we provide our customers with color revival carpet cleaning as well as carpet dyeing to help extend the life of your carpet. This service is much more cost efficient that replacing carpet. Our carpet dye team has the experience and training to give your faded carpets new life. Call us today!

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