DIY VS Professional Bleach Spot Repair in Londontowne, MD; Carpet Cleaning, Bleach Neutralizer & Carpet Dyeing

Bleach spots will detract both commercial and residential carpet owners. Bleach spots can ruin the aesthetics of the carpet. In the workplace, bleach spots are very distracting and create a negative conception about the business. When bleach spots occur, you can try a number of DIY remedies and fixes but it’s highly unlikely they will truly repair the carpet and restore it to it’s former appearance. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share some of the popular bleach spot repairs and why it is best to seek out professional assistance.

Can Crayon Repair Bleach Spots on Carpet?

When bleach spots dot the carpet, many people will begin looking online seeking out how to repair the carpet. One popular method is to color in the bleach spot with crayons. Yes, crayons are often recommended as a bleach spot cure. You color up the fibers of the carpet with a crayon color closet to the color of the carpet and then blend the crayons into the carpet with a damp cloth and the bleach spot is gone? Well no, it is not gone. It is only slightly disguised. Repairing bleach spots with crayons have very poor results and ones that do not last. It is strongly discouraged to ever waste your time on this DIY method to repair bleach spots.

DIY Carpet Bleach Spot Repair Kits

If a person insists on repairing bleach spots themselves, then the best DIY method is using an actual bleach spot repair kit. DIY bleach spot repair kits come with a bleach neutralizer and often a pre-made dye that is close to your color of carpet, or through dye colors red, blue, and yellow which you can mix yourself. Even though you now have these tools to repair bleach spots, without proper experience you will likely not get the results you are hoping for. As bleach spots vary, there is usually far more involved than most people realize.

Professional Bleach Spot Removal

When bleach spots need to be repaired, it is always best to seek professional help. There is a lot to say for training and experience. When bleach spots occur, a professional knows that not all bleaching is the same. Some bleaching is minor and only partially lightens up the color of the carpet. If this is the case, the mild bleach spot will need to be bleached out completely. Complete bleaching makes it much easier to accurately repair the bleach spot. After bleaching is completed, it is very important that the bleach spot is cleaned with a bleach neutralizer. Bleach will remain active in the carpet for years, making it impossible to dye the carpet with permanent results. The bleach spot must be properly cleaned and neutralized. The next step is creating a dye formula to match the color of your carpet. Dyes are made on site as it is impossible to actually buy the carpet’s original dye formula from the manufacturer. A professional carpet dye technician will know how much red, blue, and yellow dye is needed to recreate your carpet’s original color. With professional carpet dyeing you will have perfectly matched bleach spot repairs, which makes it the recommended option.

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When you have bleach spots, avoid DIY methods and seek out professional bleach spot repairs. contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today for bleach spot repairs and more.

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