Hiring Carpet Dye Contractors for Carpet Dyeing of Classrooms & Offices in Baltimore, MD Schools

Both large and small schools often use carpets in classrooms and administrative offices. Carpets are perfect for schools as they look great, are comfortable to walk, play and work on as well as help to reduce noise for other students that may be studying. However, like residential and other commercial carpets, carpet in educational facilities are prone to fading, discoloration, and stains. When carpet looks dull, dirty and discolored, it can ruin the aesthetics of the entire school. As many know, schools run on a tight budget and and replacing carpet takes a lot of time and money away from learning. However, there is another option that is helping many settings including schools which is carpet dyeing. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how professional dyeing services is helping to restore carpets in schools.

How Do Carpet Dyeing Services Work?

Carpet dyeing service is very beneficial in restoring carpets. Their are two primary services that many commercial setting use one it recovering the carpet back to it original color the other is dyeing the carpet into another color. Both services uses similar methods to dye the carpet. Carpet dyeing often start with total carpet cleaning to ensure that there is no contaminate in the carpet that can interfere with the dyeing process. There is one method used by carpet dyeing specialist, color revival carpet cleaning that cleans and dye the carpet at the same time. Other methods uses a spray and carpet rake to apply the dye and blend and work the dye into the carpet. If the carpet is multi-color or have pattern often and hand brush tool is used and the carpet is dyed in small sections at a time. If the museum wish to restore the carpet to it original color the carpet dye specialist can match the color of the carpet and apply the dye reviving the carpet’s color. The museum has the option to change the carpet’s color. There are some limitation to what color the carpet can be redyed.

Specialty Stain and Bleach Spot Repair

Carpets in schools are certainly not excluded from stains. They do occur whether due to heavy foot traffic, food and craft spills as well as bleach spots. Many blemishes can be removed with the proper cleaning methods. However, there are those who can strip out the dye in carpet such as bleach and chlorine stains. Other stains from solvents that contain dye or ink can permanently stain carpets. When permanent stains occur, it can also ruin the aesthetics of the school. However, stubborn stains can be repaired with carpet dyeing services. The carpet dye specialist can add dye to the carpet removing the appearance of the stain. Stains can be repaired within a short period of time with little interference to the students, teachers and other staff at the school.

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Restoring carpets can help schools in many ways starting with restoring the aesthetics. Additionally dyeing carpet can help reduce the need to replace carpet prematurely which help saves the school both time and money. Carpet dyeing is much more convenient, faster and cheaper than replacing. For those who own or manage a school, Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration can help restore the carpet in your learning facility. To schedule our services contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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