Professional Commercial Carpet Dyeing Restoration & Bleach Spot Repair in Norwell, MA

There are a number of commercial centers and buildings that have carpet throughout the halls and rooms. It is likely that in commercial buildings you will find stains, soil markings, and faded or discolored carpet. Where carpet has many benefits, from better efficiency, noise reduction and padding, they are also hard to maintain. Often carpet will be frequently vacuumed and cleaned. However, after our best efforts carpet is still faded and is often left with permanent stains. Most carpets are replaced prematurely for aesthetic reasons. However, replacing carpet is expensive and wasteful. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration would like to share how you can extend the life of commercial carpets and save money.

How Does Carpet Dyeing Work

Carpet dye services help restore carpet and extend the life of the carpet by reviving the carpet color. There are many ways carpet dyeing can help restore carpet. Carpet that has faded due to over or improper cleaning can be revived. Carpet that is stained with ink or even bleach can be corrected. Carpet color can even be changed if the property owner wishes for a change of setting. Carpet dyeing is quick, takes around the same amount of time as it does to clean carpets. Carpet dyeing is also much cheaper than replacing carpet. Depending on types of carpet, carpet dyeing can help save as much as 20% to 80% of the cost of carpet replacements. Here are the most sought after carpet dyeing services:

Carpet Dyeing Process

Carpet dyeing is a service that recolors the carpets and restores them to their former hue. Carpet dyeing can be done on most types of carpet including those with patterns and are multi-colored. There are many methods of dyeing carpets. The most popular is color revival carpet cleaning, where the carpet is cleaned and dyed at the same time. However, there are other methods that use a spray and a carpet raking tool to apply the dye into the carpet. For carpet with patterns or multiple colors often small sections of the carpet must be dyed using a smaller air brush like tool.

Can You Change the Color of Carpet?

Another similar service is carpet redyeing or color change. Using the same methods of regular carpet dyeing, carpet color can be dyed a different color. When the owner of a commercial building wishes to change the color of their carpet without the need to replace the carpet, the carpet can be dyed a new color. There are some limitations as to what color can be used. In most cases the carpet can be colored any other darker color. It is difficult to lighten the color of carpet. A new color can be attained by mixing dyes to create a new color. This is why carpet will become a darker color.

Stain or Bleach Spot Repair

It is common for all carpets to encounter stains. Some stains can become permanent stains, such as bleach spot which remove the dye in carpet. Other stains from ink, dye, or food coloring can leave stubborn stains. Some may never come out. When carpet encounters these types of stains the stain or spot can be recovered using carpet dye to alter the stain and correct the color.

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Commercial centers no longer need to waste time and money on carpet replacements. Contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration to help restore your property’s carpet today.

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