How Can I Restore or Change the Color to My Church Carpets in Parkville, MD? Carpet Dyeing!

Churches are a place for worship where many people come together. Churches help build communities as well as faith and the church building is at the heart of all of that. It comes then as no surprise that a church building must receive special care. Church buildings undergo detailed cleaning and maintenance. However, there is little that can be done when carpets have permanent stains, bleach spots or the color has faded. When a church has carpets that look terrible, often the church may decide to replace the carpets. However, before committing to carpet replacement, consider seeking carpet dyeing and restoration services. Carpet can be saved and their beauty restored with carpet dyeing. Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration will share how carpet inside a church can be restored without the need of expensive carpet replacements.

Can Carpet Color Be Changed?

Carpet dyeing is a unique service that helps to restore carpets that have faded. Carpets can fade for many reasons, such as time, UV exposure, or improper cleaning. When the carpet inside a church has lost its once vibrant color, the carpet color needs to be redyed. Carpets can be dyed its original color or even dyed a new color. Dyeing the carpet is the same process. However a new dye color can be added to the carpets to change their color completely. When changing the carpet color, it will result in a darker color. However, redyeing the carpet helps to bring the carpet color back to life, improving the overall aesthetics of the church.

How Do I Get My Carpet Back to Original Color?

After the carpet inside a church has been redyed, or even before they begin to fade, the carpet color can be kept bright and beautiful. When carpet needs to be cleaned, why not dye them at the same time? A carpet dyeing service provides color revival carpet cleaning which cleans and dyes the carpet at the same time. This service is designed to help maintain the carpet color and ensure the colors remain vibrant.

Bleach Spot Repair & Specialty Stain Removal

In a church carpet can still develop permanent stains and even bleach spots. When there are stains that will not come out, even with proper cleaning, these stains are known as specialty stains. Specialty stains can be removed by bleaching the stain out. A bleaching agent is poured on the stain which will remove all pigment including the carpet’s dye. Once the stain has been bleached out, you are now left with a bleach spot which can be repaired. Bleach spot repairs either intentional or accidental can be repaired by putting the carpet dye color back in the affected area. Repairing bleach spots require the bleach spot site to be cleaned with a bleach neutralizer which deactivates the bleach in the carpet. Next a perfect creation of the dye formula is mixed and then applied over the bleach spot, repairing the carpet.

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A church deserves to have clean as well as beautiful carpets. When the church has carpets with faded color, stains, or bleach spots, contact Dye Pro Carpet Dyeing & Restoration today.

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